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Tyson Schiffner – Head Brewer, Brew Master, Beer Maker, Student of Fermentation since 1999

“Creating quality well made beers for the beer lovers is what we are here to do!  Not only is it the finished pint but it is the journey in which brings us together.” –tyson schiffner

 Tyson grew up in the Bothell/Woodinville area and returned back to the area after college.  Looking for work to maintain his Volkswagen habit he landed a job in the cellars of Redhook.  “It was just a job, I needed money to live.  I quickly realized I was part of something bigger, a great industry that I wanted to excel in!”  Head down and determined, Tyson was on the fast track to the Brew house.

Almost 7 years at Redhook and yearning for more Tyson left as lead/head brewer in search of more knowledge and excitement.  He quickly found it across the street at Chateau Ste Michelle.  “Changing gears to the wine industry was good, I learned new tools and techniques that I wouldn’t have been aware of if I stayed in beer.”  5 harvests and a Cellar Master title under his belt he would be presented with an amazing opportunity working for one of Washington’s most prestigious red winemakers, Bob Betz of Betz Family Winery.

“Making wine with Bob was a job that people dream of and I was doing it!”  “At the end of the day I learned how to make Bob’s wine, but truly I learned more from him about being a human being! …And that’s saying a lot because Bob makes great wine!”

Betz Family Winery is where he first heard of the prospect of helping to start a brewery.  Tyson met the owners Mark and Holly Ihrig at the winery one day during a wine release.  Topics of seeing the beer in bars, on the shelves of stores and folks wearing the logo intrigued him.   It took a year or two, a few beers and many test brews to convince Tyson to help physically create what is now Sumerian Brewing.

“My wife was having our first kiddo, I was leaving my dream job at Betz, there was a lot on the table… It made me work harder than ever to make the best beer I could!”

And that’s what we are doing today!  We continue to make the highest quality brews, stretch a few boundaries and strive for the best, all while taking some names!

Currently Tyson lives in Snohomish with his wife Nya, kiddo Ayden and their dogs and cats… (and he still has a Volkswagen habit

“All good plans go to **** in the heat of battle”
“Never rest on your laurels!”
“At what point do you go from good to great?”

–Bob Betz